Medformers Study Groups

Medformers supports a wide variety of Study Groups (SGs) engaged in advancing scientific knowledge, disseminating professional guidelines, and organizing educational events on the various therapies. Any Medformers member can join any number of SGs regardless of experience level or position, all that is needed to join is an active Medformers membership and an interest in the topic of the Study Group.

Join a Medformers Study Group

Medformers SGs exist to support members in specific fields of interest by organising a number of different types of activities that promote professional development, scientific advances, and networking opportunities. Medformers offers support for these kinds of activities in the form of funding or promotion such as the Study Group Research Grant programme. The Scientific Affairs Subcommittee supervises and conducts annual evaluations of the Study Groups.

Study Group Membership Benefits

Study Group membership is free and open to all Medformers members who are interested in the specific field(s) regardless of the level of experience or profession. It is not necessary to be a current researcher or physician to join and trainees are encouraged to join to expand their network. Medformers members can also join more than one Study Group if they have interest in multiple areas of various therapies.

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